New release coming soon:  "The sound around you " by Vinyl -terror & -horror

The magic of- cut up version -teaser

The magic of -instrumental version -teaser

Greta Christensen and Camilla Sørensen alias Vinyl -terror & -horror explore the turntable and the record material in its rawest and purest nature. The visuality and physicality of the record grooves allows them to transform the playback medium into sculptural objects, while using the turntable as an instrument. Their broken records – reassembled into ‘cut-up records’ like a collaged image – deliberately interrupt the musical flow of the samples, facilitating looping patterns and unexpected structures while mixing ‘found sounds’ from across a wide spectrum of genres – from classic albums, folk and schlager music to vintage movie sound effects. Pushing their turntable practice in live concerts and sound installations constantly to the limit, this album demonstrates a new endeavour:

Side A presents their collaged turntable tracks while Side B plays an ‘instrumental’ version of these recordings. As a gesture of restoration, the artists reverse their audio collages by transforming the audio tracks onto a musical score for acoustic instruments and voices. The ‘orchestration’ of their turntable tracks, which required an analysis and transcription of the samples into single notes and instrumental voices, was executed by George Kentros. Without the vinyl crackling and other signature noises of the recording medium, the instrumental version intersects seamlessly past and present, old and new into an episodic, evocative chain of sounds. The instrumental interpretations of the ‘original’ turntable tracks were meticulously timed so that the two sides of each disc exactly mirror the grooves of both versions.  

                                                                                                                                     text : Karin Weisenbrunner

All tracks composed by Vinyl -terror & -horror,

Instrumental versions transcribed by George Kentros

Instrumental versions mixed bz Fransesco Torelli.

Special thans to all participation musicians, dr Nexus, Skogen Göteborg, EMS stockholm.

Release supported by The Danish Arts Foundation :